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Editorial: Open arrest records – The Day

The good news is that a bill intended to provide greater transparency surrounding police arrests has made it out of committee. The bad news is that the issue has become needlessly partisan and support for the bill remains soft. The proposed law would restore the presumption in Connecticut that arrest records are public documents. This is […]

Lawmakers Seek Compromise on Access to Arrest Records –

Less than a year after the state Supreme Court ruled that police could withhold arrest information while criminal prosecutions are ongoing, lawmakers are reviewing a bill that would essentially undo that decision. The bill before the legislature, H.B. 6750, would require police to disclose the “record of arrest of any person” as well as “any other public record […]

Don’t Let Police Decide What Public Should Know – Hartford Courant Editorial

The cause of open government in Connecticut has taken extraordinarily hard knocks of late, undermining this state’s once-sterling reputation nationally for valuing openness and promoting the free flow of information. One of the hardest was a disappointing state Supreme Court ruling last year that severely limits the amount of information that local police departments and […]